10 Steps to the Perfect Smoky Eye

Some people relate the smoky eye to the little black dress or the LBD as it is colloquially known. That’s because the look is timeless, and it goes perfect for almost all occasions. With that being said, it’s not a simple look to nail. In fact, a lot of women have trouble achieving it with success, and that’s dangerous business because a badly applied smoky eye can be a rather big disaster. To get your next smoky eye look just right, follow these no-fail steps.


1. Start with a clean face

First, remember that you should always start with a clean face. Gently wash your skin with a light cleanser and lukewarm water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Never rub your skin with a towel as this can cause breakouts and irritation.


In addition to having a physically clean face, do not apply your foundation first if you’re attempting a smoky eye. The application process for this look can be messy, and you would end up rubbing half your foundation and concealer off anyway. Save those steps for after you’ve completed your eyes.


2. Apply a very light layer of eye cream

After just cleansing your skin, you’ll need to replenish the moisture. Dab on a tiny amount of extra firming eye cream. Don’t go overboard on this step or it may make your shadow run and ruin your look. Allow the eye cream to fully dry.


3. Apply an eye primer

This next step is imperative, but unfortunately, a lot of gals skip it. You need an eye primer to help hold your shadow in place over the duration of the time you’ll have it on. Without a primer, you might look fine when you leave the house, but in about thirty minutes, that shadow will be halfway down your face, and you’ll have smudges everywhere. Eye primer helps shadow and liner stay put for hours.


4. Curl the lashes

Don’t wait to curl your lashes until after you’ve finished your eye makeup because you might end up smudging your look with the curler that way. Just curl them before you start, and the curl will stick. To move things along, blow warm air from your blow dryer over your curler for 5 to 10 seconds to warm it up. Make sure it’s not too hot with your fingers before curling your lashes carefully.


5. Apply a base layer of shadow

You’ll have three layers of colour for this look. The first layer is the lightest shade, and it should be a silvery light grey. Put this shadow over your entire lid and blend up toward your brow bone.


6.Apply two more mid-tone layers

The second layer should be slightly darker grey but not your deep charcoal yet. Use this colour in your crease and blend with the first silver color.


Next, use that deep charcoal hue by running it along your top lash line. Blend it with the other colors so that everything appears seamless. This should be your third shadow color, and it should be the darkest yet.


7. Apply eyeliner

Now it’s time for eyeliner. Choose a gel or liquid liner in black. Make sure that it’s able to be blended. Apply the liner to the top lash line and blend up.


8. Smudge and blend and do it again

Once again, go over everything with eye brushes to blend all seams. You’ll spend most of your time blending, but that’s good!


9. Add false eyelashes and mascara

Next, add your false lashes to the top lash lines only. Blend the falsies with your real lashes by applying black mascara.


10. Clean things up

Lastly, take cotton pads and Q-tips and clean up the smudges and excess powder around your eyes.

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