5 Tips for Growing Hair Faster

Long, flowing locks are often considered to be a sign of youth, health, vitality and strength for both men and women. But, is there anything that you can do to stimulate your hair’s growth if it is not as long as you desire? The following seven tips are sure to help you learn how to grow hair faster:




1. Massage

Though it may seem silly, massaging your hair at the scalp can actually accelerate its growth. This is mostly because you are stimulating your blood circulation on the top of your head and bringing vital nutrients to the surface. However, a helpful side-effect of scalp massage is the distribution of essential oils throughout the hair follicles.


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2. Go Easy On The Chemicals

It should go without saying that the fewer chemical and heat treatments that you use, the better your chances are of growing healthy hair. If your goal is to grow your hair to a specific length, it is probably best to minimize color, perming and straightening treatments until it has achieved that length without residual damage. Strands tend to thin out at the bottom due to massive breakage that can occur when hair is dried out from heat and chemical treatments.


3. Get Regular Trims

Simply have your stylist snip approximately an eighth of an inch every three months and your hair will retain its length and shine. This may sound like it is defeating the purpose, but snipping those tips can keep them healthy and prevent split ends. When splits break off high on each strand, your hair will actually eventually become shorter than if you regular get trims. And, when splits destroy entire strands, you may have to cut your hair even shorter to repair the cumulative damage.


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4. Change Up Your Shower Routine

Hair dressers are often appalled that most people skip conditioning, yet shampoo nearly everyday. Most professionals believe that anytime hair is wet, that it should be conditioned. Conditioner replaces the proteins and lipids that are removed from the hair shaft during shampooing and styling treatments. It also seals the hair cuticles, which protects hair shafts from further damage, and allows them to grow steadily.


Whereas, while shampooing is meant to remove build-up from products and dirt, it also strips the hair of the natural oils which soften each strand and stimulate growth. That is why it recommended to shampoo only two to three times a week, lathering at the scalp and allowing the suds to simply slide down the strands. You should use only warm water since hot water dries the hair and scalp. Remember to seal your conditioner in with a rinse of cold water to prevent snags and moisture loss.


Diet and Vitamins



5. Diet and Vitamins

Hair is made from keratin, which is nothing more than a collection of amino acids. If you what want to grow new hair, it is essential that are able to produce amino acids. You can stack the deck in your favor being padding your diet with protein-rich foods such as meats and eggs. Dairy foods like yogurt and cheese can also help you achieve your goal.


Sometimes, you may not be getting all the vital proteins and minerals needed to improve hair growth. In order to ensure that your hair is strong enough to withstand damage and grow strong, you may have to add vitamin supplements to your hair care regimen. However, check with your physician first before taking supplements or any hair loss remedy to make sure that they will not interact negatively with any other medications you may already be taking.


These easy tips should stimulate a modest amount of hair growth. Remember, there is no scientific formula that will help you to grow up to five inches overnight. But, as long as you treat your hair right, and keep you ends healthy and maintained, you should see a difference in length in no time.

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