Anti-Aging Tips for the Body

Two anti-aging tips provide effective ways to cope with stretch marks and sagging breasts. Stretch marks can occur from growth spurts during puberty, significant weight loss, bodybuilding weight gain and pregnancy, and they can stretch the skin beyond its bounds of flexibility. Typical areas where they appear include breasts, upper arms, lower back, hips and thighs as well as the abdomen. Sagging breasts usually occur as a result of nursing or the normal aging process.


1. Treating Scars

Stretch marks form in the middle layer of skin that controls the appearance of surface skin. It can break down as a result of overstretching. Treating scars with stretch marks cream can help improve their appearance with the passage of time, according to WebMD.
Factors that usually affect the lessening of scars include skin damage from sun exposure, skin tone, age and diet. Giving the skin sufficient time to adjust to stretching can make the use of nourishing creams more effective. More than half of pregnant women get stretch marks during or after pregnancy, and most find the discolored scars objectionable.


Starting out as reddish or purplish scars beneath the skin, stretch marks gradually assume a glossy appearance. According to Dr. Oz, stretch marks cream can help return some elasticity to the scarred area and make the scars less visible. Using natural creams and lotions can hydrate the skin and rebuild damage, often eliminating the need for surgery. Fresh, red scars are more likely to respond quickly to treatment with creams than old marks.


2. Tightening Sagging Skin

The effects of age and gravity can make breasts appear to sag, a condition that may improve with breast up cream in Malaysia. Moisturizers of the proper consistency can plump and revitalize skin temporarily, and regular use helps maintain a healthy appearance. Usually effective when applied at night, they supply nutrients and aid in renewing skin cells, making them look firmer. Creams that are too heavy can clog pores, preventing noticeable improvement in appearance.


Sagging breasts can result from conditions similar to those that cause stretch marks. Over time, the weight of the breasts, nursing and the influence of gravity pulls the supporting tissue. Restoring the skin’s natural vitality can refresh cells with beneficial nutrients that usually diminish with age. Pregnancy can make breast tissues expand, creating conditions that stretch the underlying supportive tissue. When it shrinks to its original shape, the skin no longer has the elasticity that it once did.


Wearing a properly fitting bra can give breasts support that prevents sagging. Combining exercises with the regular application of breast cream in Malaysia may produce desirable results. According to, doing push ups from a kneeling position is beneficial for firming the breasts.


Taking care of skin conditions that present concerns such as sagging breasts or stretch marks requires a consistent supply of abundant nutrients that nourish the skin. Renewing skin cells with proper nourishment can produce a healthy appearance.

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