Are Sun Spots On The Face Beautiful Or Actually Harmful?

Sun spots on the face can be beautiful if you love your freckles. If you have sun spots but prefer not to have them, there are treatments for minimizing and removing them. Although they are not considered harmful at all times, they may be a warning sign of more serious problems in some instances.

What Are sun spots?

sun spots are also called solar lentigines. They are the result of a focal increase of melanin, which is a skin pigment. You may notice them on your face after spending time in the sun. According to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, these are some of the defining characteristics of sun spots:


  • They are light to dark brown in color.
  • sun spots typically appear on the sides of your face and neck, on your chest and on your hands.
  • You usually notice them in your 20s and more so in your 30s or 40s.



Are sun spots Linked To Cancer?

Having sun spots on your skin does not mean you will inevitably develop skin cancer. However, sun spots and any other spots on the skin may be cancerous. If you suspect a specific spot or area of spots to be cancerous, you should see an experienced dermatologist immediately. To identify the signs of melanoma, recommends memorizing the ABCDE identification guide:

  • A is for asymmetry.Spots that are not symmetrical may be cancerous.
  • B is for border.Spots with uneven or scalloped borders may be cancerous.
  • C is for color.Spots that have more than one color may be cancerous.
  • D is for diameter.Spots with a larger diameter may be cancerous.
  • E is for evolving.Cancerous spots usually change shape or size over time.



How To Remove sun spots

As you are blessed with more years on this planet, it is normal to see your skin start showing signs of aging. You can embrace the sun-kissed look of sun spots or have them removed. In addition to using a good regimen of anti-aging skincare products, these are some treatments for removing or minimizing sun spots:

  • IPL photo facial treatments for dark brown spots.
  • Fractional laser treatment for dark or light spots.
  • Chemical peels for light or dark spots.

Fractional Laser Treatment

Although dermatology treatments exist, it is better to try gentle quality skincare products first. The procedures used in dermatology clinics can be painful and come with downtime for recovery. Most people are successful in removing or minimizing unwanted sun spots on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands with quality anti-aging skincare products. It is best to try topical treatments first and save the more intense dermatology procedures for stubborn spots that creams and topical treatments cannot erase.

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