Avoiding and Addressing Blemishes with Confidence During Menstruation


“That time of the month” is a dreaded necessity for a large portion of most women’s lives. There is the obvious need for reliable feminine products like Laurier pads that are absorbant and dependable. It is important to feel confident in your feminine protection, but there is more to feeling confident than simply being able to trust your protection when your montly visitor comes to town. For many of us, the hormonal and chemical changes that accompany our menses are not very kind to our complection. While breakouts are occasionally unavoidable, there are some basic, common sense steps that you can take to minimize the frequency and duration of unwanted blemishes during menstruation.


Making sure that oil and dirt don’t build up on your skin is basic, but essential. The products you choose will depend on the natural balance of your face. For instance, if your face tends be naturally more oily you are going to want to look for a cleanser or combination of cleansing products that will help you balance out your skin. If your skin is more on the dry side, you will want to look for a cleansing option that won’t further dry out your skin. Garnier products are among the many brands that offer skin care selections for gently yet thorouhly cleansing your face and body to prevent breakouts.


While a run-of-the-mill lotion may be alright for some, the majority of us need a product that specifically designed to maintain the delecate balances of our skin oils. Even those with skin that tends to be more naturally oily will need to find a moisturizer that will help your skin find balance. Make sure that you pay close attention to how your skin feelswhen you are applying your moisturizer. Does it feel tight or dry? Does it feel greasy? Even the best of moisturizers can’t help you if you are using too much or too little of it.

Closeup portrait of a woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face using makeup brush.

Mother nature is cruel sometimes and there are days here your chemistry is not cooperating. Those days come to all of us, and when they do it is important we are prepared. The right concealer can cover a multitude of sins, but make sure not to over apply. Also make sure that you carefully choose a concealer that will help the problem, not make it worse. Shop for products that are gentle and an even match to your skin tone. If you are suseptable to hormone induced blemishes you may want to consider concealers formulated for sensitive skin.

Womanhood is not without it’s monthly bill for most of us. Luckily, Malaysia online shopping allows us to be prepared, not only in regards to feminine hygiene products, but in cosmetic supplies as well. Taking all preventative measures against breakouts is important to maintaining healthy skin, especially around your cycle. Even if that preventative measure is being prepared to wheather the blemish storm with confidence and quality concealer.


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