Botox in a Bottle Offers Stunning Alternative to Injections

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic technology, men and women can defy the effects of aging and look years younger with a quick trip to their dermatologist’s office, or by using one of advanced in-home cosmetic treatments available today. Options for filling in wrinkles, non-invasive face lifts and skin rejuvenation have grown over recent years. With a myriad of products from anti-aging creams and injections, you may be left to wonder what makes each product different, and how do you choose the best procedure for your needs and budget.


How Effective are Anti-Aging Creams?
Anti-aging creams are predominantly moisturizer based skin care products that will work over time to make your skin look younger. The changes are subtle and while not immediate, do effect a brighter complexion. The main ingredients found in these products include Retinol, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. The results can reduce sagging skin, wrinkles, redness, yellowing, and poor skin texture. To get the most benefit from your wrinkle cream it is best to establish a regimen of using the products once or twice a day and select product lines that have proven quality and results. While these creams have been shown to be effective over time in fighting free radicals that damage living cells and also stimulate your skins natural collagen production, the results vary between what works best for different users, so experiment to find the best skin care regimen products for you.

What About Botox Fillers
Fillers, like collagen are injectable, and work well to reverse the reduction of collagen and elastin in your as you age. As you get older, skin becomes thinner and dryer due less Hyaluronic Acid (HA) production. A dermatological filler treatment involves injecting a small amount of this naturally occurring HA, silicon or collagen with a tiny needle, underneath the skin to add subtle volume. Targeted wrinkles, fine lines and even deep folds can be lifted and smoothed with a filler. The results are immediate and for a fraction of the price of a face lift, you can have smoother skin that generally lasts up to twenty-four months. Dermal filler treatment is growing quickly and is touted as one of the safest cosmetic treatments available.

Botox in a Bottle Becoming Newest Cosmetic Trend
Now women can receive the same results as Botox without the Botox injection site reactions that cause skin inflammation and soreness. This miracle cream is creating so much buzz and has shown amazing results. Whereas injections of collagen, HA or synthetics will plump the skin from within, the external Botox in a Bottle creams is an alternative that naturally relaxes the facial muscles when absorbed into the skin. As cracks fill in and wrinkles disappear, the results are dramatic and almost instant. The product is formulated to provide an immediate appearance of younger and smoother skin without the side effects from injection treatments. The products are clear, colourless and odourless and can be worn with make-up, and are by far the most innovative advancement in cosmetic treatment.


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