Everyday Makeup Routine Using Korean Makeup!

If you have been searching for some tips on how to apply Korean make-up, then you will find many delightful hints in this article. Specifically, you will learn some tips about applying contouring cosmetics, applying lip color that lasts and re-creating the look of dramatic Korean eyes, regardless of your skin type or ethnicity. Once you read this article, you should be able to incorporate these tidbits into your everyday make-up routine and cause nearby heads to turn!



After you apply your choice of moisturizer and foundation, it is important to employ other types cosmetics to provide shape and definition to your face. Products such as bronzer, shimmer and blush can help to provide contour to your face.


Skinfood All over muffin cake finish


Korean women look best when they use a yellow-based blusher, and apply it to the “apple” area of the cheeks, adding plumpness where there is very little naturally, however, you should choose the shade of your blusher based on your own complexion.


Banila co It Shiny Shimmer Highlighter


Shimmer should only be applied in small amounts to the forehead, nose and chin very lightly, however, you can dust bronzer evenly over your whole face to imitate a golden summer glow.


Lip Color

Korean women look best when they leave their lips a neutral color, but you may want to try with a blue or pink-based lip color to balance your natural skin color. If you would like to experiment with a lip color, here are some tips to keep your color long-lasting.


Too Cool For School brand Art Class Lip Crayon


First, apply foundation to your lips and then line them with a lip pencil, such as Too Cool For School brand Art Class Lip Crayon, prior to applying color. Once you add the color, dust your lips lightly with pressed powder to keep your hue from fading. To complete the look, add a touch of lip balm for shine.




Eye Shadow

Perhaps the most important aspect of mastering proper eye make-up technique is learning how to use it make your eyes stand out. The way Korean women easily accomplish this is by using different eye shadow shades to draw attention to various parts of the eyes.


3CE Triple Eyeshadow


Most eye shadow kits in Korea, such as 3CE triple eyeshadow by 3CE cosmetics, feature three different shades: one that is dark, one that is light and one that falls in between. First, apply the lightest color over the top of your eyes all the way to your eyebrow. Then, use the darker shade in the creases and as a liner, keeping it close to your eyelashes. Finally, using the medium tone, blend the former two shades together and smooth out all lines.






Because they have to deal with lashes that tend to be straight and stubby, Korean women tend to favor black mascara and eyelash extensions. Using both properly can undoubtedly enhance their almond shaped eyes, but long and thick eyelashes can make women of any color more alluring. When using mascara make sure to use a lash separating comb to eliminate any clumping on your real lashes.


Then, you can sparingly apply a bit of glue at the lash base and press your extensions on gently. You can even use a lash curler to add a slight upward curve to your lashes and your extensions.

Utilizing these make-up tricks should yield dramatic results for you regardless of your ethnic background. Contouring, applying long-lasting lip color and creating expressive eyes can be simple, but the results are downright startling. Now that you know these shortcuts, you are on your way to creating unique and exotic looks using Korean make-up that will draw everyone’s attention to you as soon as you walk in the room.

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