Everything You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery

Almost every man has faced some sort of insecurity about the size of his penis during his lifetime. Though these impressions may be psychological, many men still feel that they would enjoy life more and be more confident if they had a larger penis. Unfortunately, many popular pills are completely ineffective, and penis pumps only temporarily enlarge the penis. If a man is looking for a permanently enlarged penis, surgery is currently the best option.

Ligament Lengthening Surgery
The most commonly used penis enlargement surgery is a surgery that disconnects the ligament that attaches the penis to the bones of the pelvis. This surgery can lengthen the penis by about an inch on average, because it allows more of the penis to be visible instead of being pulled tightly into the body. However, for the surgery to be successful, lengthy exercises and stretches must be done for several months afterwards to prevent the ligament from reattaching to the bone.

Scrotum Moving Surgeries
For men who have a penis that looks short because the scrotum is connected to most of the shaft, it is possible to alter the appearance with a twenty minute surgery. When the scrotum is removed and attached farther back along the penis, it can make a very big difference in overall length. This quick, low-risk surgery is relatively new, but it has exciting potential.

Penis Widening Surgeries
Since many people state a preference for girthy sexual partners, some men may benefit from widening surgeries instead of lengthening surgeries. Widening surgeries typically use fat implantations, tissue grafts, or silicone implants to create a thicker effect. For this type of surgery, it is necessary to seek a talented aesthetic doctor in KL or another surgically advanced place, because it takes a careful surgeon with an attention to detail to create an aesthetically appealing result.

Liposuction Surgery
Though this is not technically a surgery that enlarges the penis, it can have astounding results. Many penises are hidden within the fat of the abdomen and pelvic region, where it is particularly hard to lose weight. Therefore, surgeries that remove fat from around the penis allow it to look significantly larger because it is no longer buried in fat. Depending on a man’s original size, this can add a few inches to penis length.

Some of these surgical options may not be available in the United States or Europe yet, so some men end up traveling to get penis enlargement in Malaysia, Korea, or other areas known for their innovative surgical techniques. Though not all surgeries provide a huge or noticeable difference, even a half inch of added height or girth can be worth it for men who have been suffering from feelings of inadequacy. If you are interested in penis enlargement surgery, it is important to fully research any surgery and doctor before you make a permanent change, so you can achieve the most satisfying results.

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