Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul – Make Them Beautiful


It seems we are always surprised, possibly even shocked, when we see pictures of celebrities without their makeup. There are natural beauties in the world but, in reality, they are few and far between. The biggest difference in the beautiful celebrities and those of us who aren’t in the limelight is the skilled application of makeup. Hollywood special effects makeup aside, there are a few primary standards to keep in mind as we apply our own makeup in the morning.


A. Simply put, look at your face with an honest and objective eye. What are the features you like? What are the features you’d like to “downplay?” This will give you a starting point from which you can accentuate or diminish certain features. For example, you have beautiful large eyes and bridge of your nose is too prominent. Paying attention to your eyes with a vibrant colour will draw attention to them. Conversely, a slightly (emphasis on “slightly”) darker brush of powdered matte foundation between the eyes will push the bridge into the background.

B. Artists all know about what’s known as the “colour wheel.” Simply put, it’s a wheel that has many colours and directly across the wheel of any colour is it’s exact opposite. As this applies to makeup, let’s say you have skin on your eyelilds that’s too purple/red… what makeup artists call “ruddy.” If you look across the colour wheel from the purple tab you will see gold. This indicates to you that when choosing a concealer, migrate toward the warm goldish tones. Anything ashen or neutral will do nothing to counteract that ruddiness. Remember, you needn’t spend your entire paycheck. There is a great online makeup store in Malaysia that carries all these high quality options at reasonable price.

C. When trying to diminish or accentuate certain facial features, remember that dark or matte makes a feature recede, while light or sparkly brings that feature to the forefront. If you’d like the eyelid to appear awake, refreshed and youthful, brush a slightly luminous light shade of eyeshadow at the very centre. If your eyes have a “hooded” look which covers the eyelid slightly, place a darker, smokey shadow on that part you wish to recede. The Banila Co online shop carries the appropriate high or lowlighting products along with the superior makeup brushes that will prove essential in achieving these looks.


Remember, when it comes to eye makeup, running all over town spending ridiculous sums of money is not necessary. Go online, make a few intelligent choices of high quality products using the above guidelines and you’ll be ready for your own “red carpet” event.


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