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Five Ways to Brighten Your Skin


I absolutely hate coming home from a long day of work or errands, dashing to the loo (because I’ve held it in all day), and looking in the mirror to see grayish, dead skin staring back at me. Why does my skin seem to lose its luster? There are ways to present a fresh face to the world from sun up to sun down.

1. Supplements 

Heal and brighten your skin from the inside out using a one-a-day food supplement. These are relatively new. I found one called Crystal Tomato that uses a unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes. Studies show the supplement is safe. The results of a clinical trial were actually published in the Journal of Pigmentary Disorders. You can get Crystal Tomato online.

2. Eat Healthy Foods 

Another way to heal your skin from the inside out is to eat the right foods. Stick to foods that are high in fatty acids like salmon, flax seed and walnuts which counteract the aging process. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which also fights the skin’s signs of aging, so down a glass of orange juice in the morning too.

Although there are studies showing the health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation, it can do a number on the skin by causing a dull and dehydrated appearance. Keep alcohol consumption at a minimum to enhance its appearance.

3. Lasers 

Dermatologists who have both the Medlite C6 and Mixel lasers in office at their disposal can offer patients seeking brighter skin a wide range of treatment. The Mixel laser is “suitable for precise CO2 surgical work,” said Dr. Chen Tai Ho. He is a prominent dermatologist and satisfied customer of both lasers, describing the Medlite as equipped to maintain a highly stable output providing just the right level of treatment. He says his patients have younger, smoother and brighter skin after treatments thanks to erasing tattoos, wrinkles and scars, and improving colour and texture.

4. Exfoliate 

Exfoliating is another way to improve colour and texture. Your skin appears ashy when you have a buildup of dead skin cells. Moisturizing will not clear away that dry and flaky leftover skin, so remove it with a washcloth or scrub. How often you exfoliate varies depending on skin type, but most dermatologists recommend it once a week.

5. Moisturize 

Moisturizing will not clear away dead skin cells but it is important to improve the appearance of your skin. Washing your skin removes natural oils too, leaving behind tight, dry-feeling skin that appears older. Always moisturize after each wash.

From taking small steps at home to visiting a dermatologist, you can see there are several ways you can enhance the tone of your skin. If the simpler at-home solutions are not giving you the results you desire, try a helping hand from a well-researched product or dermatologist instead. It won’t be long until you’re glowing again.


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