Have Skin Like Glass Flawlessly with this Foundation Tutorial


Every woman wants skin like glass ideally but unless you’re born with it, it’s going to take some effort. The first thing you need to have is a quality foundation like a Chriszen foundation. Why? Because it’s the back bone of perfect makeup.

Your Face is like a Canvass

Applying makeup is like applying paint to a canvass. You should be following the same process as you would a work of art from the back to the front. This means we have to start from the very base and that is with the skin itself. Makeup will only look as flawless as the skin beneath it. It’s got to be assessed for the issues it has on an individual basis. For dry skin, this means using a high-quality exfoliating scrub and just as high a quality moisturizer. For oily skin, exfoliation is still necessary to remove dead skin that causes the outer layer to go dull. Exfoliation is always a must for any skin type. Otherwise the even a high quality foundation like¬†Chriszen foundation¬†will be hindered.

Step Two

Putting on a moisturizer is never done uniformly. It is only to be put on areas that are dryer than other areas of the face. For example the T zone that is the nose and top of the cheeks. For some it is the opposite. Apply only a pea sized amount at first and layer after it is absorbed until the skin feels soft and not greasy.


Step Three Foundation

Apply the foundation. For this you need a decent foam makeup wedge. Make sure the foundation matches the tone of your skin. When in doubt, use nude. And yes, it will work. It’s not the color that makes the flawless appearance, it’s the fact that high-quality foundation will balance skin tone and cover flaws and blemishes.
Begin with your neck at the half way to your collar bone point. Use a pea sized amount and sweep from this point and stop at the jaw line. Blend well from jaw line to bottom of face just above the jaw line. Reload the sponge and sweep up from where you left off to the nose and then again from the chin upward to just below the orbital bone under the eye.
You may reapply two to three times maximum. You don’t want to overload the skin. The reason for making upward strokes is to make sure you are not putting the makeup into your pores. You would be clogging pores if you were sweeping downward.
Once you are all dry you can apply a loose powder. We recommend that instead of a pancake pressed powder so that you aren’t pulling on the foundation. This may cause flaking of the skin through drying.


Last Step Blusher

Blush is something that looks natural on a glass-like looking face. That means light dusting across the bridge of the nose form one cheek to the other horizontally only.


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