How to Maintain your Facial Skin



The golden rule for keeping your facial skin healthy is knowing the correct products to use. The benefits the products has on your skin and how different products can be combined to get the best results should be at your fingertips. The information provided in this article is meant to help you when selecting the best skin care product from online shopping stores in Malaysia.

The different products your skin needs and their benefits

Various products are available for your skin, and each one is meant for different purposes. You need to be aware of each of the products available when doing your shopping online when the product should be applied and what to expect from its use. Some of the products include:

Skin Cleansing
• A cleanser: this is a gentle water-soluble agent that is meant to get rid of makeup, debris, and oil. Cleansing your face allows for better performance of other products such as the Chriszen moist cake once applied.

• Toner: toners have been formulated to soften and calm your facial skin. Toners are also made of vital ingredients that can work to repair your skin. After application of toners, the skin is left hydrated and replenished. Redness and dry patches are also gotten rid by use of toners

• Exfoliant: these are agents that you can apply on your facial skin to exfoliate the skin together with inside the pores. The exfoliant is highly recommended for the skin that has gone through sun damage making it thick and sturdy. Exfoliating your skin helps reduce the clogging in the pores.

• Acne treatment: certain chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide can be used in the treatment of acne. The chemical works by killing the bacteria that causes the acne, thus, reducing the redness. You can be sure of getting good results after using benzoyl peroxide for getting rid of acne from your skin.



Factors to consider when taking care of your skin on a daily basis:

• Each skin products has been designed for a particular skin type. You must ensure that you select a skin product that has been specifically designed for your skin type. Specific products have been designed for dry skin, and the same applies to oily skin.

• You should pay particular attention to the fragile areas of your facial skin. The areas may include the eye contour and the lips which tend to be very sensitive.

• Always perform a gentle cleansing of your body using a pH-neutral make-up remover.

• Choose a most suitable and specific routine for the removal of make-up in the eye contour skin.

• The exfoliant agent you select must be effective and gentle. Its pH should be neutral to avoid irritation of your facial skin.

• Keep your facial skin well moisturized by using carefully selected moisturizing skin care products. The products should be able to balance well the amount of water within the skin. For oily skin, try the Cellnique sebum gel that’s great for moisturizing and keeping oil at bay.

• The skin products should be capable of protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun.


In addition to these, always remember to have a healthy diet. A well-balanced diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you look and feel your best.


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