How to Put on Eye Makeup Like a Pro (with Miss Hana Eyeliner)

MissHana_1Many women feel that they just don’t have even a basic understanding of how to put on eyeliner. This is especially true for Asian women because most online guides are for Western women. Don’t worry though, because in this article we show ladies how to put on, and wear eyeliner, such as a Miss Hana eyeliner, as if they’ve been practicing for years.

Let’s start with a few things Asian women should probably know. First, each woman should think about her eye and the purpose of eyeliner. The fact is, eyeliner is a tool used by makeup artists to reshape the eye, and make a clear and loud fashion statement. It can be used in a very basic manner to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, or it can be used extravagantly to really draw attention. A woman can make her eyes appear larger, or more cat-like. The possibilities are literally endless!

So, how exactly should a woman start?

Eye-Makeup-Ideas-to-Play-with-the-Look-of-Your-Eyes-4First, she should have plenty of light. She’s got to be able to see what she’s doing, right? Secondly, she ought to tilt her head back, and stand close to a mirror, so that she can see her whole eyelid. Before putting any eyeliner on, she should probably apply a little concealer to cover up any visible veins. Then, using the eyeliner, she should line the entire upper lid. Some professionals suggest using a black, liquid liner like the Miss Hana Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Eyeliners like this can easily be bought when a woman goes to shop online in Malaysia. Many professionals suggest that Asian women do not need to put eyeliner on the lower lid, but if they do, they should remember to smudge the line so that it doesn’t “close the eye.”

makeup-lower-eyelinerIt’s important to note that women who want to make their eyes look bigger should remember to extend the line just a little past the outer corners of her eyes. She should also remember that if she makes a mistake, she can usually fix it with a cotton swab.

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