How to Reduce That Stomach Bloating – Stat!

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You overindulged last night, eating too much junk food or, perhaps, simply too much salt. Now, you’re paying the price. Your pants don’t fit right, you’re uncomfortable, and you feel slow, sluggish, and unattractive. You need to reduce that stomach bloating stat! Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to quickly reduce bloating and get you back to feeling like yourself again. bb876b2acc9ec9ab47ba4b4ae64921be1432810434

Drink a Cup of Water with Lemon

Stick a cup of lemon water in the microwave and warm it up for a minute or so. Drink it down within about ten to fifteen minutes. The lemon water will help flush out your system and relieve bloating. exercise

Get Moving

After a night of overindulgence, the last thing you feel like doing is engaging in a heavy workout routine. If you can convince yourself to get moving, however, it might be the best thing for you! Remember, bloating is really retained water, so the more you sweat, the less you’ll bloat.

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Drink Lots of Water Throughout the Day

Start off strong with your cup of lemon water and keep on drinking through the rest of the day. The more water you drink, the more salt it will wash through your system, relieving symptoms of bloating and helping you feel more like yourself again.


Decrease Salt Consumption

If you’ve already consumed too much salt, you definitely don’t need to add to it! Make healthy food choices throughout the day, including reducing the sodium in your diet. This will help give your body a chance to balance back out. Whatever you do, don’t eat the leftovers from last night! They might be sitting right there, convenient, where you can quickly get your hands on more of them, but that’s not going to help with that bloated feeling. Soda is also a bad choice on days when you’re trying to beat bloat: not only does the carbonation leave you gassy, but soda can leave you dehydrated, which will cause your body to continue to retain that excess salt. _66749071_fresh_fruit

Increase Potassium

Foods like bananas, spinach, and asparagus are great bloat-busters. Choose these foods to help decrease bloating and make your pants fit normally again.

Bloating isn’t fun for anyone. Luckily, by following these tips and tricks, you can reduce stomach bloat fast and get back to feeling like yourself again sooner, rather than later. In the future, take steps to avoid the foods that you know will cause excess bloating. They might be delicious when you eat them, but the feelings that come the next morning aren’t worth it!

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