Looking and Feeling Beautiful During THAT Time of the Month


That time of the month comes around whether we like it or not. Unless you are in those periods of life when periods are avoidable, menstruation is simply a fact of life that we have to face every few weeks. There can be a lot of negative feelings during your period and women often feel a lack of confidence. While all of the symptoms of a womans cycle cannot be circumvented, there are a few things that every woman can do to help combat the feelings of low self-esteem and self-consciousness that come with it.


Be prepared.
If you know that you have everything necessary will help you feel confident in workplace settings and at social gatherings. Whether it is a Laurier sanitary pad or a Platex tampon, make sure you have plenty with you. Concealing them in small travel case in your purse or handbag can be a stylish way to discretely carry your feminine amenities. Being ill prepared causes unnecessary stress during what many women already consider an already stressful time. There is no reason to spend your days and nights worried about an embarrassing accident.

Take care of yourself.
Maintaining your regular moisturizing and hygiene rituals is important at any time, but especially during that time of the month. Increases in certain hormones as well as fluctuation in diet can lead to skin breakouts. Making sure that you properly care for your skin will reduce the number of outbreaks and blemishes to the bare minimum.

It’s also important to continue any exercise schedule you have. It may have to be adjusted to accomidate any physical symptoms of menstruation, but continuing to be active can decrease cramping, bloating and discomfort. So while your instict may be to stay in bed with a bowl of ice cream, what your body may need is a quick walk around the block.
Do something special for yourself.
Do your nails. Touch up your hair. Give yourself a pedicure or a facial. It doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking day at the salon. There are hundreds of Garnier products alone that can give long lasting hair color or touch up the color you already have. There are also thousands of nail and skin products that will leave you feeling rejuvinated and beautiful. With Malaysia online shopping it’s also easier than ever to get everything you need to lift your spirits delivered directly to your door. With no hassle and minimal costs, there’s no reason you can’t boost your own spirits when your monthly visitor comes to town.

For many women, menstruation is stressful, uncomfortable, and unflattering. Hormones can make physical and emotional symptoms difficult to deal with, but there are ways to make your period a little bit easier on yourself. Taking matters into your own hands and solving your own problems are exactly the kinds of things that can change you from frazzled and frumpy to confident and fabulous.


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