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One of the downfalls of aging is not only thinning eyebrows, but bushy, or the opposite, vanishing eyebrows. A woman can have one or more of these eyebrow problems. There is good news. You can find help for aging eyebrows, and regain your youthful appearance, by applying the hints for giving you ageless eyebrows.

Reasons for Aging Eyebrows


During your younger years, you may have removed large quantities of hair from your eyebrows. Unfortunately, as you have gotten older you may have noticed they are not growing in as thick as they once grew. Or maybe, the problem is due to the length of your eyebrows, where it appears, what hair was there is slowly disappearing. Even worse, your eyebrow hair is filling in with gray or white, coarse, mad professor type hair strands that alter your appearance. What can you do to get control of your eyebrows?

Helpful Eyebrow Hints

Since the problem of thinning, uncontrollable eyebrows is not uncommon as we age, there are various techniques you can use to provide a professional youthful appearing eyebrows.


Thinning Eyebrows: Use a brow powder to aid aging eyebrows. Brow powder can be purchased alone,or in kits with templates. The template is a plus, since it will help design a flattering shape to your brow.

With thinning brows you may also notice the eyebrow is shortened. The template will help to assist in achieving the correct arch and length to your brow producing a youthful eye appearance.


Coarse White Gray Hair: If the eyebrows are overgrown, take the time to use a brow brush to position the eyebrow strands upward. Take straight end scissors (avoid curved scissors) and snip the unruly hairs using the top of the eyebrow line as a guide.

Next, brush the eyebrow hair downward and snip those strands extending outside of the natural eyebrow line. Once the length of your eyebrows match, use a colored eyebrow gel to control and darken the hairs. Gel is known to have a better effect than powder when used on white or gray hair. Always use a color that will complement your hair color when darkening your eyebrows.

Though we are getting older, it doesn’t mean we have to have an aging appearance. The hints for controlling and contouring your eyebrows will help in aiding you look young again.

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