Nose Thread Lifts: All You Need to Know

Nose thread lifts have been trending for quite a while in Singapore and Korea. Executed properly, a nose thread lift can give you the dazzling look of your dreams. And, the sweetest part is that there is absolutely no need for plastic surgery.

That being said, before doing a thread lift for your nose, it makes sense to have an in-depth understanding how it works, and the risks involved.  For further information, read on.

Nose Thread Lift: A General Overview

A nose thread lift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment which gives the nose a better look and feel.

A dissolvable thread material made from Polydixanone (PDO) is used for the treatment. The trick is to administer the dissolvable material into a particular spot on the nose. Once it dissolves, the nasal skin will be stimulated to secrete more collagen. Collagen is what makes the skin firm. The result: a straighter nose with a higher bridge!

Unlike nose fillers with so many attendant risks, thread lift for the nose is to a large extent safe.

You might think that thread lifting the nose is meant for women alone. Here is the thing: it is meant for men, too. The only difference is that men will need more doses of the thread. But the medical procedure is the same.


Materials Used for Thread Lifting the Nose

First off, an anaesthetic is applied to the nose before treatment commences. Typically, a numbing cream is used as anaesthesia. You wouldn’t feel pain even in its minutest form once the cream has been applied.

PDO, which is basically a fibre material, is then injected into the nose using a needle and blunt cannulas. With time, the thread will dissolve. It takes about 9 months for the injected material to completely dissolve.


The Several Benefits of Nose Threadlift

Lifting the nose with a thread has very little side effects or downsides. This is in contrast to the use of nose fillers in which case the patient is very likely to suffer skin reddening and minor bruises.

Another benefit of this cosmetic treatment is that it is fast. A session lasts no more than 25 minutes, and one session is enough to do the magic. Instant result is another reason why more people are falling in love with nose thread lifting.


Where is the Thread Applied?

The point of application is dependent on the purpose of the treatment. When looking to give the nose a more defined bridge, the thread is applied to this area.

If the intent of the application is to make the nose appear to have an expanded height, it’s best to administer the tread on the body of the nose.

Administering the thread at the tip will get your nose’s tip lifted.


Thread lift for Nose vs. Nose Filler

If you are familiar with nose fillers, you’ll recognise that the procedure is very much similar to nose thread lift. Each cosmetic treatment serves a different purpose, so it is up to you to decide which is best.

If you’re looking to give your nose a clearer and pronounced contour, giving it a lift with a thread is the best bet. If giving your nose some extra height is your primary concern, go for nose filler. Don’t be afraid of combining the two.

Mind you, thread lift for the nose lasts longer than nose fillers.


Of course, there is still a lot more to nose thread lift than discussed in this post. Be assured that whatever you have learned here is enough to guide you in making an educated decision.

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