Say Goodbye to Sagging Skin

What-Are-The-Home-Remedies-For-Sagging-Skin_FTWhen gravity takes a toll on someone’s skin, few things are inevitable. One day, reality stares at their faces! Some might think that it is because they didn’t sleep well the previous night and that an afternoon nap might solve the problem. However, no amount of sleep can solve this problem.

CACI-Non-Surgical-Face-Lift-SystemOne of the most sought after solutions for aesthetic medicine is non-surgical ways to treat laxity of the face and neck. Several technologies to tighten the skin have been invented all over the world, and many of them claim to help in skin tightening. However, none of them has proven to be consistent and reproducible, leaving the patients disappointed.

UltherapyIf you are experiencing this problem, you do not have to worry anymore. Ultherapy in Kuala Lumpur will most probably help you solve this issue. Ultherapy is a new novel technology derived from non-surgical energy based instruments used to tighten and also lift the skin. This great technology brings together ultrasound imaging and acoustic energy to visualize tissue under

non-invasive-procedures-clear-brilliantAs people grow older, their faces sag and some wrinkles start to appear due to the effects of the sun and gravity. In the past, the main treatment for this skin problem was a facelift. The procedure is effective, but it is an invasive treatment that is associated with downtime, scars, and many side effects.

IMG_10281Ultherapy in Kuala Lumpur tightens the skin without any cuts. There are no scalpels, needles or cutting required during the procedure. The procedure is quite different from a facelift. The results from the procedure are very different too. When an individual gets a facelift, they stop their clock. On the other hand, Ultherapy slows down the aging process by creating a new structural collagen. For people who are not willing to undergo surgery, this procedure is highly recommended.

bhrc-ultherapy-WOMANThe beauty of Ultherapy is the fact that there is no downtime. There is no bruising, crusting, or even swelling. The patients can have the procedure and go back to work on the same day. Many people call it the lunchtime lift. The procedure uses ultrasound heat to set collagen production into overdrive below the patient’s skin surface. As the heat kicks in, the brow becomes firm, the jaw line becomes well defined, and the neck lifts. It doesn’t require a lot of time or surgery.

Opener_Feature_iStock_000016812224Large_DT_0114Ultherapy is preferred by many people because a patient can notice a smoothing effect immediately after the procedure. The collagen continues to grow after the treatment, meaning that the results get better. 90% of the patients notice a lot of improvement in texture, tone and even tightening within a few weeks. In 3 to 6 months, the deep wrinkles become fine lines, and the patient’s eyes appear more open.

ultherapy-agingJust like any other procedure, Ultherapy must be performed by a qualified personnel so that a patient doesn’t get any side effects. There are many aesthetic doctors in Malaysia, and choosing one can be quite challenging. Some might not be well qualified and experienced, and this may affect their work.

There is a lot of information online about aesthetic doctors in Malaysia, so ensure that you get the best personnel to perform the procedure.

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