Step-by-Step Penis Enlargement Surgery Procedure


Penis enlargement surgery is a popular procedure these days. Many men are self-conscious about having a smaller-than-average penis. An undersized appendage can be an annoying feature that holds some men back from living their romantic lives to the fullest. Other men may just want to add size so they feel more confident. Whatever the reason, there are two options available for men looking to enlarge their penises with the help of an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia: lengthening and girth enhancement.


Penile Lengthening Surgery
This procedure increases the length of a man’s flaccid penis by an average of 4 cm, and may also increase the length of his erect penis to a certain degree. First, the patient is put under general anaesthetic. The surgeon makes an incision above the shaft of the penis, detaching one of the ligaments that holds the organ to the pelvis. Sometimes the area immediately above the penis is given a liposuction treatment to reduce its size.

The recovery time is not very painful, but for the surgery to succeed the patient must maintain a careful post-surgery routine. Patients will need to wear penile weights and wrap their penises for twelve weeks after the surgery. Fortunately, the weights and wraps can be worn unobtrusively and comfortably under clothing. Sexual activity and strenuous sport must be avoided for several weeks after the operation.


Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery
This surgery is also done under general anaesthesia. A filler, usually made from either the patient’s own abdominal fat or silicone, is injected into the penis to increase its width. Most patients can go home the day of the procedure, and the injections heal with little to no scarring.

Patients must be careful to wear wraps around their penis for several days after the procedure to encourage the filler to distribute evenly. Fat injections may partially reabsorb into the body if allowed to settled unevenly. Unevenness can be fixed with more injections later.

It is important to mention that penis enlargement surgeries, like any other kind of surgery, are associated with a small amount of risk. Although major complications are rare, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor about potential risks before deciding to go forward.

With that said, penile surgery can be a good option for men who want to feel confident in the locker room or the bedroom. Speak with an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia soon if you think the procedure is right for you.


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