Surprising Ways Your Own Body Reveals Your Real Age (Other Than Your Face)!

The natural ageing process brings with it inevitable changes. Skin can thin and sag, it may become harder to maintain your weight and you may notice fine lines crisscrossing previously smooth, plump features. While most people associate gray hair, wrinkles and a potbelly with age, some of the things that add years to your appearance may be far less obvious and can start appearing as early as your 20s.

1. Hands

The fat layer on your hands begins to deteriorate in your 20s, leaving your skin looking translucent and exposing the bones, tendons and veins of the hands. Frequent washing, sun exposure and neglect can worsen the aged appearance. Use a rich, moisturizing hand cream to keep skin healthy, and apply a sunscreen every day to combat age spots, freckling and discolorations.



2. Eyes

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and so can show signs of ageing far earlier than other parts of the face. The muscles in the area grow weak, allowing the skin to sag. Fat pads can develop above and below the eyes, creating a hooded appearance. To combat the ageing effects, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and avoid smoking and sun exposure. Dab on a quality eye treatment designed to firm and moisturize the eye region when you wake up and apply again before bed.


3. Lips

Soft, full lips are associated with youthful vigour, but as you age, your lips become thinner and can look dry or chapped. A plumping lip balm can tackle both of these problems at once. These lip balms contain ingredients that boost blood flow for a fuller appearance, and the moisturizing ingredients soften and smooth lips. Gently scrub your lips with a mild sugar scrub or a wet cloth to remove any dry skin flakes, and then slather on the balm as needed throughout the day.



4. Neck and decolletage

These areas have naturally thinner skin with less fat below the skin, and as you age, they take on a saggy, translucent look. You can use your favorite facial products to protect and replenish the skin in this area, but do not forget to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays.



As with skin, hair becomes thinner and drier with age. Coloring will not fix this: The hair has a naturally lackluster appearance that chemical treatments can exacerbate. Use fewer chemical processes on your hair if possible, apply protein treatments regularly to nourish each strand and use oil-based moisturizers to improve softness and lustre.

Good skin care, healthy lifestyle habits and attention to detail can all help you fight the hands of time and keep that youthful glow. Choose targeted products to address specific areas of concern, such as a rejuvenating AHA lotion to speed cell turnover and give your skin a bright, healthy appearance. The right products can help you combat early signs of ageing and keep your skin and body young and beautiful.

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