Things You Do That Are Aging Your Face Faster

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It can be tough to accept the signs of aging. If you’ve started searching for anti-aging creams or procedures that will help you look younger, then you’re likely among those who would prefer to maintain a youthful appearance. Along with the passing years, here are four things that you probably do that are causing your face to age.


Poor Diet

According to an article on, sugar is bad for your figure and your face. If your diet is filled with sugary foods, then you could be hurting the elastin and collagen that your skin needs to maintain a youthful and smooth appearance. Try to replace the sugar-based foods in your diet with carbohydrates that feature low-glycemic levels like whole grains. These types of food help your body maintain elastin and collagen because it takes longer to process them.


Too Much Alcohol confirms that drinking can cause your face to age faster. The substance is a natural diuretic. Because of this, more of it causes your body to dehydrate at an elevated level. Alcohol can affect your skin by causing:

• Rosacea outbreaks
• Fine lines and wrinkles to appear more prominently
• Acne

To avoid the havoc that alcohol can wreak on your skin, drink less. By embracing a limited alcohol lifestyle, you’ll also give your liver a break since it won’t have to work so hard to rid your body of impurities and toxins. A liver that functions efficiently can improve the appearance your skin.

The Wrong Pillowcase

Sleep is imperative for the health of your body and a more youthful appearance, but the material that your pillowcase is made from could be causing you to look older than you are. The Huffington Post reports that the wrong material can draw moisture away from your face, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. To avoid this aging issue, purchase a silk pillowcase. The material features amino acids that are comparable to the ones that are used to make anti-aging products. Because of this, a silk pillowcase will not pull moisture from your skin.

Worshiping the Sun

While the sun warms your skin and possibly elevates your endorphins, it also causes your face to age faster. Spending time in the sun comes with the added risk of skin cancer. UV rays are the culprits behind the sun’s negative consequences since they weaken your skin’s blood vessels and cells. This is what causes people to look leathery and tanned. Fortunately, when it comes to the sun, protecting yourself is easy. While spending time outdoors, coat your skin with sunscreen. From preventing skin cancer to fighting wrinkles, a new Australian study just reconfirmed the beneficial nature of sunscreen.

Tweaking Your Lifestyle for Better Skin

Along with using an anti-aging cream regularly, a few lifestyle changes can result in younger looking skin. Avoid spending time in the sun without a big hat and sunscreen. Also, consider changing your pillowcase and look for ways to improve your diet. A few lifestyle tweaks are likely to net youthful results.


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