Three Tips for Summer Makeup

Makeup is a tricky subject, but it can get trickier if you try to improve your craft throughout the seasons and adhere to best practices all the time. A lot of people never encounter seasonal makeup tips because a lot of people don’t know them. The following are three great tips for summer makeup that will have you looking radiant with less stress.


First and foremost, always go for a sheer, matte look in the summer time. No matter where you are, this is important if you’re going to spend any time at all in direct sunlight. Natural light is better in general for makeup and skin, but bright lights still pose unique challenges, and this can be a painful truth if you aren’t prepared.


Matte foundation will keep your skin from looking greasy if you perspire, and it will also hold together better after a long day in the heat. Makeups that have more shine to them are great in the winter and autumn, but they’re just a liability when you don’t need the help to glow.

Powdered makeups work better in the summer. This is true for much the same reason matte makeups will serve you better: they’re more resilient to perspiration and heat. This isn’t true for all powdered makeups, but ones that set firmly and are sealed with a coat of clear matte finisher will do a lot more work for you than liquid makeups. They have the added bonus of being easier to strip off more thoroughly at the end of the day, which will work out better for your skin in the summer months when it needs it the most.


Finally, always go with something that carries an SPF rating in the summer time. The brighter the sun is, the worse things can be, so you’ll always want to protect your skin. Using SPF in makeup or lotion will keep your skin looking fresher and prevent it from being dried out. It can also help to avert skin cancer. There are a lot of good reasons to use SPF of some kind, and summer only makes them better.

These are just three ways you can make your life easier in the summer. Pairing these tips with a well-chosen wardrobe and some more thorough research will get you even farther, as will taking into account your local climate. Like all makeup tips, these are building blocks. (See Shakura Malaysia) ┬áDon’t stop building, and you’ll be able to do even more with less.

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