Treatment Options for Skin Pigmentation

Facial pigmentation, commonly known as melasma, is a skin condition that affects the face. It is the uneven coloring of skin due to overproduction of melanin. It is characterized by brown, round blotches of skin. Pigmentation on the face will lower your self esteem making it difficult for you to live your life freely. Whether you are going to work or going out to have a good time, melasma can reduce you to simply wanting to be in the shadows by yourself; that is no way to live. It is important to seek facial treatment options available in Singapore so that you can live your life as you are meant to. First, you need to understand about melasma.


What Causes Melasma


What Causes Melasma?

When you are out, your skin tends to tan depending on what part you expose to the sun. This is dependent on how much time you expose your skin and the intensity of the sun. Melanin is the pigment that causes skin to tan. When it is overproduced in the body, then it gives birth to melasma. Hormonal changes in a woman’s body are known to cause this condition. Sun exposure is another cause of melasma as it causes skin damage. Other causes of melasma are:

• Pregnancy

• Hormone pills like contraceptives

• Medication like that which targets cancer

• Toiletries like certain soaps, and,
Who is a Candidate for Melasma?

Studies have shown melasma is more common among light, brown skinned people. In this, only 1 out of 4 men are predisposed to catch it as opposed to 1 out of 20 women. It can be a chronic condition that is known to be genetic. Melasma is known to affect pregnant women with up to 75% of pregnant women being known to catch it. If you are on oral contraceptives you are also a candidate for this condition. It is known that 35% of women on contraceptives get melasma. . You are most likely to get this condition between the ages of 20 and 40. You may find out more about melasma (chloasma) and its symptoms here.


What Melasma Treatment Options Are Available
What Melasma Treatment Options Are Available?

Pigmentation on face has some options of treatment available that can relieve you of this distress. You can get the best advice when you consult a reputable dermatologist. One of the first things that can be done is to change or stop the hormone treatments that are being administered. This is dependent on which is more important; the health of your face or the hormone (or even medical) treatment that you are being given.

Inhibitive medication can also be used. When your dermatologist uses this approach they are trying to limit and lower your melanin production. This medication will stop the skin from pigmenting more. There are various forms of medication all aimed at dealing with the condition differently. By consulting your dermatologist in facial treatment in Singapore you will be best advised on which medication is best for you.
You can also have the physical approach which has the affected skin being peeled off using topical agents. This treatment, as the others, requires the guidance of a dermatologist. You can also get a combined therapy that will help you live a good life even in the face of melasma. Preventive measures will include protecting your skin using a high protection factor sunscreen.

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