Vaginal Rejuvenation Guide


The modern woman loves taking care of her body. New technology avails a range of cosmetic and surgical procedures that women apply to maintain the aesthetic beauty of their bodies. One of the most sentimental parts of the female body is the vagina.


Vaginal rejuvenation, also known as cosmetic vaginal or female genital plastic surgery has become a highly sought after option for ladies around the world. It involves the trimming and reshaping the inner and outer vaginal lips otherwise known as labia and vulva respectively.

The procedure is most common with women who need recontouring after massive weight loss, childbirth or has incurred injuries to the genitalia. Experts ask women to make three considerations before making the decision to undergo the procedure. First, ascertain whether the contours around the vaginal area have stretched or changes over the years, Secondly, the process may be necessitated by reduced sexual pleasure as a result of normal childbirth. Lastly, any sore or painful sensation while performing daily chores requires laser vaginal rejuvenation.


The primary motive here lies in increasing comfort and boosting self-confidence in women of all age sets and sizes. In most clinics, the surgical experts are mostly women to make the patients much more comfortable and anxiety free. Every aesthetic doctor in Malaysia discusses and recommends the best procedure for every patient. It’s, therefore, important to consult your surgeon for a few hours before your final decision.

Women should also disclose details of their medical history while consulting with the surgeon. Such details include present and past medical complications, allergies and prescribed medications as well as previous surgical procedures. At the end of the session, the lady should understand the outcomes to expect from the surgery. Also, the client is also shown sample images of before and after past operations. Other details include the options for anesthesia, surgery location and the cost of the entire procedure.

Just like other operation procedures, the patient needs to make adequate preparations. The doctor issues preoperative instructions to assist the client. These include avoidance of herbal medication, anti-inflammatory drugs and some painkillers such as aspirin. The patient must also stay hydrated before and after the surgery to facilitate a speedy recovery. Habits like smoking are also discouraged since they may cause breathing complications.

Laser technology allows the aesthetic doctor in Malaysia to perform the operation with maximum accuracy and precision. Incisions are made on the inner walls of the vagina with the redundant tissue removed to produce the desired aesthetic result. Sometimes, a surgical marker is used to outline the contours and then the laser assists to remove the extra tissue. This technology results in the least blood loss as compared to other procedures and also facilitates post-operation pain control.

Young woman asleep in bed

After the surgery, patients may experience minor discomfort or swelling. Doctors usually recommend bed rest and some pain management medication during recovery. As days go by, physical activity levels increase and a patient may resume work duties in a week. However, it takes about six to eight weeks to engage in sexual intercourse.

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