Want The Ideal Nose? 6 Reasons To Get A Nose Thread Lift In Malaysia


Anyone with a wide or large nostril has probably been teased about it. Those with a low nose bridge are probably hoping to enhance the shape of their nose. Whatever reason you decide to get a treatment for your nose, a nose thread lift is one of the best treatments at the moment. Compared to nose fillers, which can be painful and takes longer to heal, there are plenty of benefits to doing nose thread lift procedures. These are the six best reasons to get a nose thread lift in Malaysia:

  1. It’s non-invasive


Nose fillers require the injection of HA fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) directly into your skin to give shape to your nose. On the other hand nose thread lifts are done without any injections or surgery, making it non-invasive. PDO threads (polydioxanoe) are used instead to augment the nose with no surgery involved. Though there’s typically no pain involved, your doctor will apply local anesthetic before placing the threads along your nose bridge. To stimulate the formation of collagen and for nose bridge elevation, the threads will then be placed under your skin. How many threads needed depends on individual patient.


  1. No downtime required


Nose thread lift treatment has minimal to zero downtime required, and you can immediately resume your daily activity after a session is done. There’s also no need for a special kind of preparation prior to treatment.


  1. Minimal to zero pain


Local anesthetic or numbing cream will be applied directly into your skin to numb the area, so you’ll experience minimal to zero pain.


  1. Minimal side effects


Although the treatment is non-invasive with minimal to zero pain, some minor side effects are to be expected, depending on individual. Swelling and soreness around the nose would normally occur, and they often subside immediately within two days after the treatment (you should call your doctor as soon as possible if the side effects persist after a week).


  1. Cost effective


The cost for a nose thread lift per treatment ranges from RM300 to RM3500. The cost usually depends on which type of thread is used, as some threads will last only six months, while the others take more than 18 months before they melt down. It may also depend on your needs and situation (the more work needs to be done, the costlier it will be). Whatever your budget is, your doctor can help you get the right thread to suit your needs.


  1. Short procedure with long-lasting result


Treatments typically take less than an hour to complete, normally between 15 to 50 minutes per treatment, with long-lasting result of one to two years. The more treatments you have, the longer the result will lasts. To know if your treatment is successful, you can expect to see one or some the following: lifted or pointy nose tip, permanent lifting, smaller nose (reduced width), better nose definition, slimmer nose bridge, and enhanced nose contour.


As Asians, a good majority of us have low nose bridges, compared to our western counterparts with pointy tips. However, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As cliche as that sounds, it does holds true. For women especially, you’re constantly bombarded with images of perfection and are held to impossible beauty standards, often set by the west.

We should always appreciate our own unique Asian looks. That said, if the shape of your nose still bothers you, there’s no shame in getting a few nose thread lift treatments to boost your confidence. To avoid scarring and infection that can cause permanent damage, make sure your doctor is highly qualified and experienced for the procedure.

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