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When Buttock Injections Go Wrong: A Doctor Advises


The new trend in beauty is to get buttock enhancements. Every time you turn on the TV, you see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Iggy Azalea with their sexy backsides influencing this new trend. However, when the general public wants to look the same way, people sometimes cut corners and go to doctors who are not qualified to do buttock enhancements, such as buttock fillers or implants. This can not only lead to serious health consequences, but also even more surgeries to correct the problem.


Choosing the Right Doctor


When looking into getting buttock fillers or implants, there are several key items to look for in a doctor. First of all, the doctor needs to have the appropriate certifications and licenses. If you schedule a consultation, you need to ask what certifies this doctor to perform the services you desire. Secondly, a red flag to look for is if the so-called “doctor” only gives buttock fillers in their home or only comes to your home. This could mean that they are peddling a product that could harm your body and that they are not qualified to perform enhancements. Seeing an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia who is certified could eliminate this problem.

Avoid a Botched Buttock


Before you get a buttock enhancement, get the facts from the doctor as to what exactly is going into your body. One dreadful example is that of people who were trusting a black market “doctor” to give injections into all parts of the body. Little did they know, they were receiving injections of medical grade silicone, which hardened like cement after a year. It is too risky of a surgery to remove the hardened masses, so unfortunately, the people who were harmed just had to live with cement balls in their buttocks and face.

Aside from when buttock injections go wrong is when doctors take liberties with your body while you’re under anaesthesia. In one case, a doctor decided to put breast implants into a young model’s buttocks. This was not ever discussed with the patient beforehand, and this led to her buttocks being very loose and jiggly. She had to have subsequent surgeries to fix the problem.

As you can see, choosing a good doctor, like an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, is of great importance. Look to see what the doctor’s credentials are and where they are performing the surgeries. One last tip is to look at the cost of the procedure or surgery. If the cost is too good to be true, it probably is not your best bet. Your body is something you have to live with for a lifetime, so treat it with dignity and choose the right doctor after careful research and consideration.


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